ETF’s, Large Caps and Penny Stocks

Here is a list of stocks to watch. They range from ETF’s and large caps to penny stocks.

Ford Motor Company (F:NYSE) Good news in the AM sort of got traders excited. However, F just fell back in line with the rest of the market. The eventual GM secondary could weigh on F in the short term though.

Cascadia Investments (CDIV.PK) One of the 17 penny stocks that was halted by the SEC today. CDIV was once a favorite of penny stock scalpers and had a cult following, look for more info on the name in our upcoming blog.

Molycorp (MCP:NYSE) Down in the aftermarket after announcing a convertible debt offering for $200 million. This deal may put a little pressure on the group for a day or two.

Nokia (NOK:NYSE) Rating downgrade from Fitch has seemed to stop any bounce potential. This stock has been a laggard for a while, and seems like it may contunue to be.

Blackrock (BLK:NYSE) Asset managers seem to be out of favor right now and BLK has undergone a sharp pullback after a rally off it’s secondary offering. Plus, the high price tag makes BLK a little more volatile.

Nanometrics (NANO:NASDAQ) The once high flier has made a comeback and will now be added to the S&P Small Cap 600 Index. Watch for big market on close orders from index funds in Thursday’s trading session.

Lehman Brothers (LEHMQ.PK) Sold off despite the settlement news. Once a zombie penny stock always a zombie penny stock. Please remember that these types are trading vehicles and should only be played with lottery type money if you are investing for the long haul.

Wizzard Software ( WZE:AMEX) This AMEX penny stock was the top percentage gainer on the exchange today. The dollar volume was light, but this could be a follow through candidate if the market reverses. Add WZE to you penny stock list.

Silver Trust ETF (SLV:NYSE) We have tried to keep SLV on the list just to keep it fresh in your mind. The ETF rallied once again and while it may not get parabolic again, we could see another nice run.

Washington Mutual (WAMUQ.PK) Despite fellow zombie stock LEHMQ being extremely newsy today, WAMUQ once again occupies the top slot on IHUB most active message boards.

Check back for more penny stock news, IPO updates and stock market research.

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Rare Earth Penny Stocks | Penny Stocks

rare earth penny stocks Rare Earth Penny StocksDespite the REE sector being widely written about in financial publications and talked about on cable financial news networks, shares of rare earth penny stocks have slipped under the radar.

Many American investors solely follow Molycorp (MCP:NYSE), Rare Earth Elements (REE:AMEX) and Avalon Rare Metals (AVL:AMEX), with Molycorp being the only one of the three that actually produces at this time.

Even in these uncertain times, rare earth metals are key components in the production of green cars, wind turbines, lap tops, cell phones, solar panels and yes, products as simple as light bulbs.

As of Monday’s close, unless you are a bottom fisher, it might sound crazy to even consider stepping in and going long one of the three RE stocks mentioned above. Never mind stepping in and purchasing one of the once hot rare earth penny stocks.

However, people forget that rare earth penny stocks are not considered “concept stocks” which often carry high multiples in bull markets, but frequently crumble when markets turn negative.

Aside from the industrial uses mentioned above, there are real supply and demand concerns to think about. From most accounts China happens to produce roughly 97% of rare earth metals and prices have risen sharply in the last few months. China’s stranglehold on these elements has caused bipartisan grumblings in Washington out of future national defense concerns.

Now why this week might not be the best time to buy speculative issues such as MCP, REE and AVL, they certainly deserve to be watched at these levels. And what makes just as much sense, is watching a few different rare earth penny stocks, just in case the sentiment changes or a political event occurs. Here are some companies that have tiny market caps and are underfollowed. The super speculative names and symbols are listed below:

Rare Earth Penny Stocks to Watch

Rare Earth Metals (RAREF.PK)
Quantun Rare Earth (QREDF.PK)
American Rare Earths and Metals (AREM:OB)

In this market these rare earth penny stocks could get even cheaper, so just add these names to your stocks watch list for now.

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Good Penny Stocks: Buy Now or Wait?

Although this entry is about the psychology of buying good penny stocks, it is different from others. Today, I will try to focus on the mindset needed to trade hot penny stocks.

 Good Penny Stocks: Buy Now or Wait?As human beings, we often let our emotions impact our decisions. Sometimes those emotions can help us, but they often hurt us at times too. And when buying or selling any stock, those same emotions can cost you your hard earned investment capital. With that being said, these mistakes can vary, in both degree and consequence. For instance, lets use General Electric as an example (GE:NYSE). Just imagine that you have a position in this solid large cap name, and then assume you make a mistake trading it. Now nobody ever wants to lose money in the market. It doesn’t matter if that mistake is in a mutual fund or a top notch, or in a basket of good penny stocks. In reality, the account statement at the end of the month doesn’t discriminate, it just gives you a balance. However, let’s just say your loss or mistake in GE was semi-normal. A big up or down day on a Dow stock usually consists of a 2 to 3 percent move. My point is those types of mistakes can usually be dealt with in listed names, if you have a plan and focus on a solid risk/reward strategy.

The game is much different when an investors deals with both bad and good penny stocks. Too often, I have seen many investors bragging about making $2000 in a penny stock transaction. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with taking a profit, but many people don’t realize that penny stocks are often difficulty to get out of. So that $2000 profit may have come by investing $30000 and potentially risking $5000. That risk/reward scenario doesn’t make sense.

Now there are many ways to trade, to set stop loss orders, and to scale out of positions.The key is to pick a trading strategy that fits your style, and more importantly your personality. If you are super emotional, write down your desired profit and acceptable loss before you do the trade. Also, don’t be afraid to scale out of a profitable position in thirds or even quarter pieces. The commission structure of most firms that deal in online penny stocks make this possible. Remember, good penny stocks come around more frequently than you think.

Stay tuned for more market reports, IPO market updates and Penny Stocks

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Tips To Invest In Penny Stocks

Penny stocks have a per share value less than $5. These stocks are highly volatile and have low liquidity levels. If you are thinking about purchasing penny stock investments, there are a few tips to follow:

  • You need to perform research and execute proper planning before making an investment in pink sheet stocks. It is viable to get appropriate profits only if you are investing in a right stock at an appropriate time.
  • Invest in the companies having huge Average Trade volume. It shows that people are actually interested in following the company and trust it fully.
  • Begin with small investments and increase them gradually to get appropriate success levels.
  • Penny stocks are volatile in nature and have entry-exit plans for sticking to the plans.

Tips To Invest In Penny Stocks

Benefits of Penny Stocks

  • Trading penny stocks will be your guide for learning about stock markets and their performance. You can invest in high-end shares after getting appropriate experience with penny stock investments.
  • It is not difficult, to begin with, penny stock trading as it doesn’t require a lot of investment. You can get benefits from penny stock investments only if you begin carefully in investments.
  • Penny stocks grow up in the stock market and become mid cap stocks with gradual company growth. The value can be multiplied several times with this process.
  • You can make considerable money in penny stocks in the shortest time by investing in the stocks with full research. Your experience and expertise will lead to better responses for the company’s benefits.

Micro stocks can give you a lot of success in investment, but it is essential to find the right company to invest and gain profits based on your mind process. It is essential for everyone to try with a small amount to get substantial results in penny stock trading.…

Penny Stock Investments with Caution

Penny stock market is volatile and has a probability to make you earn. You can lose all your money on cheap stocks and there are risks involved in the investment. Pink Sheet or OTCBB is not trustworthy platforms as they don’t contain legal information about the company. There is volatility in the stocks and you need to depend on the micro stock chooses to make the right choice. There are perfect stock pickers who can mark the behavior of these stocks and target only the cheap stocks. click here for further details.

All penny stocks are not bad or unsafe. There are many new companies marking their presence in stock markets with penny stock investments. These companies have new setups and work in the way to get shares from the market. If you are interested in trading penny stocks, it would be better to choose the safest way by exploring the world of micro stocks in the best way. There are stock pickers who give their studies on the web about these cheap stocks and it may help the investors to know about the most appropriate options available to them. The risk is involved in penny stocks, but if proper exploration is made, it is feasible to get the best stocks with appropriate prices.

Penny Stock Investments with Caution

Penny stocks might offer huge profit chunks, these shares are highly manipulated. It is the wholesome responsibility of stock purchases to see to these points and be cautious in investing the money on the right spot. It is important to find out the real and small organizations for investing your money and you can get handsome returns by trusting the right company. If there is any single doubt about making an investment, don’t proceed. Penny stocks require cautious behavior of investors as these small cap stocks are vulnerable to manipulations and require your time and efforts for making the right pick.…

Working of Penny Stocks

There is a lot of hype based on penny stocks and investment in these options can gauge better returns on your investments. You might be interested in investing to double or triple your money very fast. It is essential to understand about these stocks and making appropriate investments on them to make a lot of money.

Penny Stocks trade under $5 per share value with a low market value capitalization. These stocks share prices of smaller companies and firms; usually with new startups or the companies. Penny stocks have very less per stock value in comparison to the MNCs. It is viable to invest in stock trading to buy these kinds of stocks. Penny stock investments need to begin with a fixed amount of money to get towards higher level.

Working of Penny Stocks

Once you know about penny stocks, the next question will arise about the benefits it can give you. There are higher revenues generated through your investments in penny stocks and you can get profitable results with your investments. You can win a lot of success in these nano stocks only if you are aware of the good companies to make investment. The financial experts or brokerage agencies can help you in exploring the best stocks for investment. You can learn various tricks to invest in the best way and get profits from your ventures. In the beginning, go on for investing $100-200 to get an idea about these micro cap stocks and once you are aware about these options; it will be easy to proceed.

Penny stocks are the cheapest way of investing and gambling in stock market. You can even learn about the pump and dump schemes followed by some companies to get stock trading through these tiny investments. The cheap stocks might reach to higher level very soon. Don’t be too happy or greedy and keep your mind under control.…

What are Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are low-priced and small capital stocks. These stocks are sold under $5 and traded under pink sheets or OTCBB. Individual investors can have micro stocks marketing from media and press coverage. The gains and losses can be impressively shared and micro stock world gives an opportunity to trade with different options.

You will never hear about penny stocks on TV channels as major stock exchanges don’t cover them. There are many nano stocks having actual presence in the market, but are not sold on social platforms for the reason of having no particular history. Some small cap stocks have a good reputation and are technically strong in background. The trader who can do right technical analysis can perform better for these penny stocks.

What are Penny Stocks

You may think about purchasing penny stocks through regular stock brokers. There are many recommendations floated by broking agencies and they charge cheap commissions for the stocks traded. The cheap stocks listed on small cap markets might not be actually involved on major stock exchanges for the reason of not offering volatile solutions. Penny stocks have differently listed requirements and are not reliable. Micro stocks are listed on Pink Sheets and OTCBB.

There are different requirements for the penny stock trading and pink sheets consist of a system provided to investors with information quotes for the registered stocks. There are lesser legal bounds with OTCBB and it provides less enforcement of listing requirements. The market is full of scammers and you have to make sure that these pump and dump schemes are recognized beforehand.

Investors can put their money in nano stocks for better scope. There are many press releases, articles, forums and newsletters designed to convince people about penny stocks. You can find success stories from investors who have played in pennies. It is not necessary that the information on these platforms is always right. Penny stocks can give you results only if you choose the best ones.…

4 Steps to Begin Penny Stock Investments

  1. Decide the Initial Budget

People who are willing to buy penny stocks should first decide the initial budget for investment. You should keep an exact amount for getting started. It can be between $100-1000 for a beginner. Too much investment might lead towards losses, which are not acceptable even for the rich people. In the beginning, investing $100-200 would be sufficient for investment. Don’t begin with too higher investments even if you can afford them. You can add to spontaneous trading as you become experienced. You can buy the stocks with the fixed amount to see how it goes. The trading value will increase or decrease based on the present rates of stocks.

  1. Begin with the Discount Broker

Don’t let anyone fool you. You need to make specialized online trading account for trading penny stocks. The mainstream focus has to be made on the right trading terms. You need a specialized account for setting up the short termed penny stocks. Most of the people buy and sell penny stocks based on their minor term investments. It is advisable to make money with the penny stocks of some of the trusted companies to get REAL profits out of your investment concerns.

The decision for discount broker will be similar to picking out an entity for your home. It is the personal choice and you can check out the brokerage rates, reputation and facilities given by the discount brokers on general terms. Your association with them has to be fair to get better results. Ask for the minimum amount required to begin the account and include your fixed initial budget to get the discounted broker.

  1. Don’t being Greedy

Begin your penny stock investment without greed to earn a lot from your efforts. Everything is secret for most of the penny stocks and being greedy can be actually dangerous. It is always beneficial to set up a fixed amount for investment and never exceed them even if the stocks appear lucrative. The more information you share with others, the better responses you will receive from them. Remember, the more people you consult for penny stock trading, the different results you will get for their response. You should remember that your idea of getting money immediately can go in vein if you think about spending a lot of money into your investments.

There are many resources available to give you suggestions about the penny stocks to purchase. It is ultimately your choice to get the most out of your efforts and make it a habit to get overall profit. Penny stocks can be successfully handled by maintaining a circle of people who are actually giving you fair reviews of their experiences.

  1. Get High Quality Penny Stocks

Trading penny stocks can be really beneficial if you have time and energy to search for the most reliable resources. Only 4% of the penny stocks are worth trading and it is essential to know the exact timing to grab those stocks. It is easy to begin and get most out of your investments with your own searched penny stock picks.…